• Holy Trinity Stained Glass Window
    6 FADE
    Holy Trinity Stained Glass Window
    Exterior of Church and School
    Sign at Parish Entrance
    Jesus and the Children Stained Glass Window
    Altar Sanctuary
    Bishop Parish Visit Nov 5, 2023
    60th Anniversary Opening Mass
    Sanctuary and Church Entrance
    Last Supper from Holy Land
    School Mass

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    In the spirit of St. John Vianney’s zeal and concern for people, we are a community proclaiming the Gospel in the tradition of the Roman Catholic Church.

    The community of St. John Vianney strives to utilize the gifts and talents of each parishioner to create a vibrant welcoming parish. 

    Through our liturgies, ministries, and organizations, we encounter Christ and are empowered to bring Him to the world.

  • Parish Welcome

    Learn more about St. John's with this
    great overview of our parish, who we are and what we do.  <Link>