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  • Holy Week / Easter

    Update 3/27: Bishop Checchio, has decreed that all public gatherings are suspended. This means there will be no masses or services during Holy Week and Easter. Our Church will still be open from 9am to 2pm each day.

    There will be no Mass on Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday, Holy Saturday or Easter Sunday. There will be no Tenebrae, Good Friday, Morning Prayer or Blessing of the Food. The Easter Egg Hunt and Parish Mission have also been canceled. Palms will be blessed on Palm Sunday and distributed at a later date. 

    Read Bishop Directive Here

  • Streaming Masses

    Live-stream Mass times with Bishop online at www.stfranciscathedral.org

    • Palm Sunday: 10:30am
    • Holy Thursday: 7:30pm
    • Good Friday: 3:00pm
    • Easter Vigil: 8pm
    • Easter Sunday: 10:30am
  • Coronavirus UPDATES

    Update 3/25: 
    Day of abstinence dispensed on the next 2 Fridays but not Good Friday.

    Update 3/23:
    • Parish and School offices closed.
    • Sacramental services postponed:   baptisms, church funerals, first communion, and confirmation.
    • Church is open from 9am-2pm.
    • All parish events cancelled or postponed.

    UPDATE - March 16:
    All public Masses throughout the Diocese are temporarily suspended. 
    Bishop's  Press Release

    Private 7am Mass can be viewed daily at  www.stfranciscathedral.org.  See link below for Bishop Baron Mass.

    Click here to see the specific Mass precautionary changes being taken to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. 
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